Our Hippotherapy Horses, Therapeutic Riding, Horse Assisted Therapies

Hippotherapy horses are uniquely selected for their temperament, patience, quiet attitude, size and symmetrical type of movement they provide. Our horses are selected with those features in mind and yet differ from each other as pertains to the type of input they offer to our patients.  Hippotherapy horses are exercised and "worked" throughout the week to insure fitness, soundness, and a calm temperament.

Natural horsemanship techniques are used solely to exercise and train our horses. They are taught to "work" off of a rope halter and become light and gentle in the hand. Part of this training requires from them manners, quiet temperament and a "flowing" style of movement rather than pulling and pushing.

We currently have four geldings in the program:

20140602 125545 Presley, one of our newest team members is an outstanding paint gelding who loves his new job as hippotherapy horse. We thank Deb, his owner, for allowing him to participate in our program.

Mountain View's Zachary, is a UVM Morgan who is used for hippotherapy and horsemanship lessons.  He is our senior member of the herd and is always ready and happy to be of service to our children and adults.

20140602 135502 Whisper is a beautiful palomino gelding who has also recently become a HorseTalk Hippotherapy mount.  His compact size makes him a great match for our smaller patients.  We thank Molly, his owner, for allowing him to participate in our program.
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Atticus, our mount in training, is a pinto gelding of great beauty and disposition.  Thank you, Rohn, for sharing your gelding with HorseTalk Hippotherapy.

Rojito enjoying the fresh air after ride.jpg Rojito, a red dun gelding, is sweet, kind and gentle. His strength is in his willingness to try anything, and his work with cows and ranch activities. We welcome him to our program.

Other Family Members at HorseTalk Hippotherapy

UPHA 2012 Win and Friesian High Point Amadeus (The director's friesian gelding)
Remi Remington or "Remi" (The director's shetland sheepdog)
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