A Therapy Plan, Therapeutic Riding, Horse Assisted Therapies

s8.JPGThe objective is to provide a therapeutically productive, safe and enjoyable experience.

Each patient, therefore, must be deemed appropriate for hippotherapy and medical clearance must beprovided by a physician when needed. A patient's physical, attentional, cognitive and communicative limitation must be considered,an interest and motivation in equine activity must be present, and patients must agree to wear appropriate clothing and safety equipment.

A treatment plan is designed to best utilize the movement of the horse at the same time intervention activities are provided:

Toby Freeman, Director, teaching the "s" sound in the office, and then in hippotherapy on the horse.
Therapy Tasks
  • word games,
  • story telling,
  • picture naming,
  • sentence construction,
  • rhythm development and
  • vocal projection
  • handwriting games,
  • ball toss games,
  • upper body stretching and strengthening tasks,
  • visual motor tracking with "stanley",
  • around the world (a core exercise)
  • riding on hands/knees or backwards
  • vaulting
s56.jpg s14.jpg
Toys and props are added to stimulate speech in a fun and motivating way.
Main Office:

312 Brookhaven Way
Pittsboro, NC 27312

Hippotherapy/Riding Program:

NC Therapeutic Riding Center
4705 Nicks Rd
Mebane, NC 27302

(603) 512-1263
Email: Toby@nhhorsetalk.com

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