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The fee for an informal assessment (which takes anywhere from one hour to two hours) is $145.00. This includes the time spent on intake, the time spent evaluating the patient, a written report sent via email and consultation with the family. Cash or checks are the only means for payment. Credit cards are not accepted.

An abbreviated assessment is available for those who prefer a shorter session that does not include a full report and has a brief consultation following, for $125.00.

Therapy is billed to insurance companies at $90.00 per session for thirty to forty minutes and at $120.00 per session for fifty to sixty minutes. Fees are discounted if payment is made at the time of service.

Payment is expected at the time of service.

For NC patients, billing through insurance companies is as an "out of network" provider which may still offer a reduced fee for you. For NH patients, if your medical insurance covers speech therapy, an invoice will be sent to your insurance company. You will be responsible for copays, and deductibles that are unmet at the time of service. Each insurance company and individual policies differ as to what is covered and to what extent. We will do our best to assist with insurance company protocols.

Home Visits are possible as well. Often times the patient is more comfortable in their own home. However, it can also work in the opposite way where a neutral setting would be more effective. Approximately $20.00 for travel will be added to the overall fee.

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Toby graduated from University of Michigan with a Master's Degree in Speech and Language Pathology. She began her career at Easter Seals in Manchester, New Hampshire, as a staff member but had her sights on a different clinical setting and more responsibility...

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