August 28, 2019

Jimmy was really upbeat about your session yesterday. He said he really liked how you two came up with "here's what's good enough" and "here's what we still need to work on". I think he liked that he had "graduated" from some of the things you'd been working on. He's super excited to get back to school which is a huge win for us. He used to dread school and viewed it as something to be endured. He's seeing progress and he's got a much brighter view of his future. Thanks so much for being a huge part of that change in him!!



July 25, 2017
RE: Letter of Reference for Toby Freeman

To whomever it may concern,

I am writing a letter of recommendation for Toby Freeman. Over the last 17 years of orthodontic practice, I trusted only one myofunctional therapist to treat my patients. My patients would drive from all over NH to treat with her. Her attention to detail, thorough evaluations, and detailed follows up made referring to her easy. More importantly, she had the gift to connect with the kids in my practice and got tangible results. There are many therapists here, but only one Toby.
If anyone can help kids develop routines, work on exercises, and like it(!), it’s Toby. They all loved her.
I’m sad to lose her in my area, and know that you’ve gained an amazing asset in yours.
Please do not hesitate to call me with any questions.

Warmest Regards,
E. Diane Shieh, DMD, MMSc


July, 17 2017

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is being written to serve as a recommendation for Ms. Toby Freeman for a contractor SLP position. We have known Toby for the past 4 months with regard to our 3 year old son. I reached out to her with some interest in her hippotherapy services, along with her in-office speech therapy for our son. He had begun having some dysfluency and stuttering 8 months ago, which led us to have him assessed by the town of Bedford, NH at the Childfind day. When he U passed" their evaluations, meaning that he didn't qualify for services, we still felt like some of his behaviors could use some work. And we were certain that his ability to express himself led to a lot of his frustrations. Toby has gone above and beyond her advertised skillsets to work with Cole weekly for the past few months, giving us tips and tricks to work with him at home in some of his problem areas. We have referenced her phrases and we continue to give daycare updates that include some of the advice Toby has given us.

Toby gives us feedback before and after appointments in person, along with many detailed emails that give us a sense of what she's working on with Cole. We have been very pleased with their weekly meetings, along with our monthly parent meetings where she goes into more details about how far we've come since his first appointment and how she plans to further challenge him and push him out of his comfort zone.

We have seen some improvements in Cole at both school and home since starting his weekly services with Toby, and we're glad that she was willing and able to take him on as a client and look beyond his speech which is all considered to be age appropriate. She recognized his "anxious" tendencies and works on using his soft voice, responding to difficult situations with Uthat's OK", and working with him on more reactions to troublesome situations. Since seeking care with toby, we have seen much less dysfluency and stuttering, and we feel we can better reason with Cole. His tantrums have definitely been fewer and less frequent.

For all of these reasons, I highly recommend Toby Freeman as a contractor SLP, as we have seen some great changes in our son since he started weekly therapy with her. We know these changes won't happen overnight, but we have been pleased with the efforts she's made and the feedback that we can use with Cole at home. We can't say enough about the positive changes we've seen, along with her creative feedback to implement changes at home, such as how to make mealtime, car rides, or bedtime easier. It is without reservation that I recommend Toby as an exemplary candidate for a contractor SLP position. She's great with children and interacts professionally with the parents. We've loved getting to know her and working closely with her regarding our son. Please feel free to reach out to me directly if you should have further questions.

Jennifer Tucker


Evelyn Colon
July 14, 2017

To Whom it May Concern:

In 2009 I was told by my son's pediatrician that I was being referred to a speech pathologist after exhausting other avenues to try to determine why my son was nonverbal. I, immediately, as a concerned parent rolled up my sleeves and started researching and asking around because of course I wanted the best therapist available. A few names came up but at the top of the list was Ms. Toby Freeman. I called her office to schedule an appointment as soon as possible. I found her practice quick, efficient and very professional. My first impression of Ms. Freeman was of a very kind, gentle, understanding, high integrity person, ready to get down to work. She goes out of her way to provide a very serene yet very engaging and fun atmosphere for all age groups. Needless to say, after interviewing several other therapists, we found Ms. Freeman to be the most qualified candidate and have been seeing her now since 2009. In that time, Michael has gone from a nonverbal, disengaged and inattentive little boy, to a verbal, conversational and engaged ( most of the time ) young man. We credit Ms. Freeman's contribution to that transformation.

Ms. Freeman is a well rounded therapist. She is able to very quickly tailor a program for her patient, based on the needs of her patients on any given day. She can easily tune in to her patients' mood, lack of attention and engage them through what can be anything from floor play, games, singing, art, writing, reading, etc. Our schedule through the years has fluctuated a lot and Ms. Freeman has always been very accommodating. Any issues we may have had whether it was our insurance being difficult, our schedule changing from time to time, the school needing a progress report, input for an IEP. You name it, Ms. Freeman has tackled them all effortlessly and putting us always at ease.

Ms. Freeman is also a certified Hippotherapy Clinician. She spoke to us about the program and we had done some research on it. She was never pushy about the alternative therapy but the option was always available to us. Eventually, it became a strong recommendation from Ms. Freeman that Michael might have greater success learning to talk using Hippotherapy, whereas traditional therapy was having limited effect. Ms. Freeman was even able to find us a sponsor such that the expense of such a program was afforded. My only regret was that we didn't do Hippotherapy sooner. Michael spoke his first real words on the back of her horse, Zachery. It was a moment we will all never forget. This ability transferred to other settings and Michael now speaks in sentences everywhere.

We have had great success through conventional speech and Hippotherapy with Ms. Freeman, that no other therapist was able to accomplish with just speech therapy five times per week. She has always risen to the challenge. Her therapies are so genius that the patient is working and learning yet they are having a great time while doing so. They look forward to their next session.

I would highly recommend Ms. Freeman. After having other therapists, she has been the only one to never give up on her patients. Always efficient with all of her therapies, great communication with parents, and gentle and kind with our son. I've had the pleasure of talking to other parents who work with Ms. Freeman and they say, too, that she is the most skilled therapist you will encounter. If you are fortunate to find Ms. Freeman, you will get skill, kindness, professionalism and an amazing work ethic. She will go the distance for you and your child any day of the week and on weekends too.

Any questions you may have that might help to put your mind at ease, I am available through email or phone. Please do not hesitate to ask.



Bedford Montessori School
Dear Hiring Committee,

I am writing this letter of recommendation for Toby Freeman. I have referred Toby to many of our montessori students over the years and have seen incredible results. She takes the extra steps and time working in working with parents in encouraging them to to reinforce effective communication in the home. There is no other language speech pathologist who I would recommended that I think so highly of as a professional. Toby has taken time out of her schedule to discuss children’s individual plans and goals with me on several occasions.

This has been very helpful in carrying over these techniques in the classroom. She is always professional and extremely knowledgeable. Toby would be an asset to any position she may apply to. Please do not hesitate to contact me should you need any further information.

Gail R Bannon


June 26, 2017

To whom it may concern:

It is my pleasure to recommend Toby Freeman as a Speech Language Pathologist to parents, schools, and other agencies that provide Speech Language Therapy to students and adults. The Manchester School District has had the good fortune of working with Toby during the 2016-2017 school year. During this time Toby has consistently demonstrated a deep passion for her work and the students she works with. Her knowledge and skills in Speech Language Pathology are well established and seem to be always expanding. Toby provides high quality therapy to all students she works with.

In closing, I am happy to recommend Toby Freeman to you as an outstanding Speech Language Pathologist. Please feel free to follow-up with any questions you may have.

195 McGregor Street, Suite 201
Manchester, NH 03102


June 11, 2017

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing to recommend the professional services of Toby Freeman, M.S., C.C.C -Sp. Toby has been providing me with voice therapy services over the last two years. She welcomed me into her practice and immediately made me feel comfortable and confident in her ability to help resolve my specific voice concerns.

Toby was always very thorough in making sure she understood all aspects of my individual situation, and would keep detailed notes on my progress.   If there were any questions that arose during our sessions, she would research to find possible answers, or would contact my doctor directly to work cooperatively to try to resolve any new situations with my case. I was always confident that all of the information regarding my case would be treated with the utmost confidence. She was genuinely interested in providing me with the best individualized course of treatment, and would adapt our therapy sessions accordingly. Our conversations and sessions were handled with professionalism and care.

I feel confident in recommending Toby’s therapeutic services. She is not only professional, but takes the time to get to know her patients on a personal level and takes a general interest in their well-being.
If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me.


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